Today I’m going to start of Whiskey of the week (WOTW), a weekly feature where I’ll highlight nice drams that I’ve come across. Let’s kick off with this fabulous release from Tullamore DEW – the Tullamore DEW Phoenix.

Tullamore DEW Phoenix

This is a limited edition and it’s said to be available only in airports, but I’ve seen it at Systembolaget near the PK shopping centre in Stockholm, it’s available at Celtic Whiskey Shop, and I tasted it at the Irish pub The Liffey, in Gamla Stan, Stockholm.

On Tullamore’s website, you can read about a hot air balloon accident that took place in Tullamore in 1785, and it destroyed much of the town. After the accident, they placed a phoenix in their coat of arms, and this is what also gave the name to this whiskey. The original Tullamore distillery closed down in 1954, and the whiskey under the Tullamore DEW brand has since then been distilled at the Midleton distillery. A brand new Tullamore distillery opened in 2017, so I’m looking forward to their future homemade whiskey releases.

Tullamore DEW Phoenix is a blend of triple distilled grain, malt and pot still whiskey, with a high pot still content. It has been finished in Oloroso sherry casks and bottled at the nice 55% ABV. It’s a very nice dram, soft but with an attitude.


Caramel and spice, some alcohol sting, then oak, honey sweetness, fudge and raisins.


There’s an immediate attack of caramel, vanilla, and dried fruits. Pepper, spice and oak immediately after. There’s a slightly bitter, peppery finish. With two drops of water, the sweetness and softness marry together perfectly.. the toffee comes through a lot, the bitterness is gone and the finish is just sweet and spicy.. it’s simply gorgeous.

If you’ve managed to get a bottle of this, consider yourself fortunate. Obviously, enjoy it as long as you can.

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