Tullamore DEW Old Bonded Warehouse release

This week, the Whiskey of the week post will be short and sweet. We’re in Ireland and enjoying ourselves, and although I did prepare this post before we left, it needed some final touch but it’s been a busy trip and I haven’t spent much time with the computer at all.

In August we visited Tullamore and the Tullamore DEW visitor centre. It’s located in one of their old bonded warehouses, and is highly recommended! There are a little shop and a nice restaurant where you can eat as well as taste their whiskey. In the shop, you can also book different tasting experiences if you have more time in Tullamore than we had (we were just passing through).

Tullamore DEW old bonded warehouse release

This visitor centre opened in 2012, and to celebrate they released a whiskey – the Old Bonded Warehouse release. It’s triple distilled and triple blended (pot still, single malt and grain whiskeys) with a high pot still content, and bottled at 46% ABV.


Herbs, malt, sweet and toffee-ish. Light vanilla and wood.


Sweet and spicy with vanilla and honey. It opens up nicely with a few drops of water, more vanilla and sweetness and with a spicy finish.

This whiskey has a nice sweetness and as with other whiskeys from Tullamore that I’ve tasted, you notice the high pot still content. This one has a little too shy body for my taste so I’d rate it a bit lower than the Phoenix release. Still an interesting whiskey though, and one you should taste if you visit Tullamore.