Powers John's Lane

Powers whiskey. What can I possibly say about it that people don’t already know?

Powers John's Lane

A cool fact is that Powers was the first Dublin distillery that bottled their own whiskey. They used golden labels, which later gave the name to the standard Powers whiskey, Powers Gold Label.

They also introduced the concept of blended whiskey into the Irish whiskey industry that by then was struggling hard after American prohibition. Blended whiskey had won the hearts (or preferences…) of whiskey consumers, and many distilleries had closed down partially because they refused to follow the trend of making blended whiskey. Shortly after this, Powers merged with a few other distilleries to form the Irish distillers and was later closed when all distilling activity was moved to the new Midleton distillery. After this, Powers Gold Label was changed into a blend instead of a single pot still.

During the 2000s, Midleton has revived Powers single pot still with some very nice releases. Powers John’s Lane was released in 2011, and it won the “Irish whiskey of the year” award in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2012. Other Powers single pot still whiskeys include the 1817 release, Three swallows, and the Signature release.

Powers John's Lane

The John’s Lane release was – along with the 15-year-old Redbreast – my first encounter with pot still whiskey (other than in blends).


Light oak, vanilla sweetness, honey, citrus. Light pepper. With a drop or two of water, lots of fresh citrus and cereals, some herbs.


Very sweet entrance with honey, creamy vanilla, lots of pepper and some oak. Medium body, I’d prefer more. With added water, the oak character increases but the whiskey loses some body. Nice long finish with wood and lots of peppery spice. It’s quite dry to the palate. Nicely sweet and spicy though. A lovely whiskey and of course I can never speak any harsh words against a single pot still whiskey from Midleton, they are all good, although I do prefer other brands to this one.

I always love a strong body and some oily texture which this one doesn’t have compared to other pot still whiskeys, but it has lots of flavour, strong characters, and a beautiful finish that goes on forever. Definitely a must for anyone interested in Irish whiskey and who wants to explore the world beyond the famous blends.