Method and Madness single pot still

This week we’re heading to the Midleton distillery, where Shakespeare has given inspiration to the name of this whiskey range – Method and Madness.

‘Though this be madness, yet there is method in it’

Method & Madness was launched in early 2017, a range of whiskeys matured in new types of casks, to celebrate innovation and experimentation, and create something totally new and different. There’s a single grain matured in virgin Spanish oak casks, a single malt matured in French limousin oak, and there is this single pot still. Their single grain is one of few grain whiskeys that I’ve really liked, very nice and tasty. I wasn’t overly fond of their single malt – but have only had a quick taste of it so far – and the single pot still is very nice.

I like the concept of testing new cask types that aren’t typically used for maturing whiskey. I guess I generally love creativity and daring to try new things. This single pot still whiskey is bottled at 46% ABV, matured in sherry- and bourbon barrels, and then finished in French chestnut casks. How cool is that?

This batch 1 was released during the winter of 2017, and when I was going back from the Irish whiskey academy workshop, I browsed the Dublin airport shop for some good whiskey to take home. Of course, I wanted that Barry Crockett or Dair Ghaelach pot still whiskey, but didn’t want to spend too much €€€, and when I met a salesperson I asked for his advice. He recommended the Method & Madness range. I was unsure whether I should buy the pot still or the single malt, but chose the pot still.

Method and Madness single pot still


Sweet fudge, but with a sting. Dark wood, vanilla, honey. Light mint. With water, everything is generally more mellow and vanilla takes over a bit.


A very strong character of salted caramel – fabulous! Honey and herbs, cloves, cinnamon. After a while lots of wood and more spice. Nice woody-spicy finish.

Definitely a very interesting whiskey, pot still characters with a little twist.