Kilbeggan 8-year-old single grain

With the abnormally good weather we’ve had lately, and on top of that all extra work because of the GDPR, this blog has been quite ignored! But it’s WOTW time, and I thought I’d continue with Kilbeggan. My last Kilbeggan encounter wasn’t as good as I had expected, so today I’m happy to announce that my experience with their 8-year-old single grain was delightful!

The single grain whiskey from Cooley was formerly named Greenore but has been rebranded to Kilbeggan. This 8-year-old has won a gold medal at the International Wine & Spirits Competition, and it was a winner as soon as it entered my palate. 

It’s made with corn, distilled in column stills, and I’ve been trying to find information about cask types but haven’t found any – I’m guessing ex-bourbon casks. It’s bottled at 40% ABV.

This whiskey is NICE. In the past, I’ve been reluctant about even tasting grain whiskeys, because I had this attitude about them being flavourless. But then I tasted the Teeling single grain, and then Method & Madness. Now I’ve tasted the Kilbeggan. All of them lovely.


Honey, sweetness, something minty, a slight feel of toffee – maybe because of the honey sweetness.


There’s honey with an attitude, nice sweetness but something spicy to it. Fresh tropical fruit. There’s a light bitterness but it’s still sweet and soft, with lots of lingering flavour. Some pepper added in a long nice finish.

An 8-year-old grain whiskey will never (and shouldn’t!) compete with a well made single pot still or single malt in terms of flavours – but this whiskey has been added to my favourites list. Very nice, smooth but with nice long lasting flavours. Everything I thought about column stilled whiskey has now been turned upside down!