Kilbeggan 21 years old

Some time ago when I couldn’t sleep, I browsed an online whiskey shop, and decided to order some samples. One of them was the 21-year-old Kilbeggan. I just recently found out that they have released an older Kilbeggan, and of course I was curious about it. I didn’t know what to expect since I haven’t really tasted much of the Cooley brands, although I’ve probably tasted loads of their stock sold to non-distiller whiskey companies.

I’m not greatly fond of the ordinary Kilbeggan blend, it’s not bad at all but it’s a little too sweet for my taste and simply doesn’t stand out much enough to fall into my favourite whiskey category. But older whiskeys are always interesting, and I was curious about what years in a cask would do to a Kilbeggan whiskey.

I have mixed emotions about older whiskeys. Some are fantastic while others lose nice characters with age. Some of my very favourite whiskeys are of this age – like the 21-year-old Redbreast for example – but there are other whiskeys that I prefer as 12-year-olds. So what about this Kilbeggan?

This is a limited blend – made with malt and grain (from corn) whiskeys.. A variety of cask types have been used – ex-bourbon, port, madeira and sherry. It’s bottled at 40% ABV.


Sweet, vanilla, a fruitiness I can’t define. Something that reminds of paint. Citrus peel – mostly lime.


Citrus, cereals, honey. The flavours stay in the front part of my mouth – there’s not any real development on the palate. This disappoints me a bit, and also that there’s quite a lot of flavour but I think there’s something missing, probably the fact that it lacks the complexity on the palate in my opinon. It has a medium finish that is slightly bitter but it also has the honeyish type of sweetness.

So well, this wasn’t one that blew me away and I won’t go and buy a full bottle of it. Still, it was good to get the opportunity to taste it.