Dingle single malt, batch 1

I’ve finally arrived to Dingle whiskey.
The Dingle distillery was one of the first I came across when I started looking for information about Irish distilleries. I had been to Dingle once previously but didn’t know about the distillery back then – what a shame!

Dingle distillery

They opened in 2012, by a group of people who owned a craft brewery. The plan has always been quality over quantity, to continue small scale production of a really good whiskey, and the first drops of whiskey were ready in December 2015.

Until the early 2000s, there were only three distilleries in Ireland, and it was definitely about time for new independent distilleries to open, which is exactly what is happening now with new distilleries being planned, built, or opened all over Ireland. Dingle was, after West Cork, the second new distillery to open in Ireland in many years.

Dingle distillery

When I first read about their whiskey I found the description of it very appealing, but I wasn’t sure what to expect from such a young whiskey. The very first whiskey from one single cask was released in December 2015 in a very limited edition known as "cask 2", and the batch 1 single malt was released in 2016. Dingle was then one of the very few distilleries to release the first whiskey after only 3 years. I had the opportunity to taste it in a Cork pub in April 2017 and fell in love with it. It was different from all other Irish whiskeys I had tasted and had an interesting chocolatey flavour. Now, later, I've realised that it was different because it was so young and that it wasn't necessarily a great whiskey. But at the time I was tired of all Irish whiskeys tasting more or less the same since most came from the same distilleries.

Dingle single malt, batch 1

It’s definitely an interesting whiskey with a particular flavour profile, fruity but with a touch of dark chocolate and oak. It’s matured in bourbon casks and bottled at 46,5% ABV.


Lemon peel and orange, dark chocolate bar, light hint of cereals.


Dark chocolate, herbs, fresh citrus, light pepper. With a drop of water, it gets a more oily feel, there’s more chocolate and herbs, along with some pepper and oak. Very nice!

Dingle Distillery is located quite centrally in Dingle, they have a small visitor centre and offer a lovely distillery tour, definitely book yourself in for a tour if you’re in the area! It ends with a tasting where you can taste the whiskey and also their gin or vodka (at least when we were there).

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