Thoughts before Whiskey Live

I definitely didn’t mean to stay away from this blog for so long.  I had lots of writing ideas, but there’s also the fact that we’re selling our house, which has totally eaten all of my time and/or focus. Other than that, I’ve been dealing with tech stuff here and there. But I’m back – and will get back to writing in one way or another.

Hello Dublin and Whiskey Live

Last year in late November, after reading all the posts about Whiskey Live on social media, I decided that I would be there this year. I will soon be in Dublin to do some distillery visits, taste some new whiskeys, and do some other tourist stuff before the big event on the 24th.

I have so much whiskey news to catch up with. Lots of things have happened since I last was involved for real, both new whiskey releases and interesting reflections about the happenings in Irish whiskey. During the summer and autumn, I’ve mostly just browsed my Twitter and Instagram feeds and I’ve occasionally read articles or reviews. I haven’t bought anything because since we’re moving I don’t want to buy any new whiskeys until after the move. I said the same thing before we went to Islay in September, and we still came back with 6+ bottles… LOL. I’ve done better with the new Irish whiskeys, thinking I will get the opportunity to taste them either in some Dublin pub or at Whiskey Live – which means I’ve missed out on some good stuff. 

There are some whiskeys that have been released this year that I’m particularly interested in. Jameson Bow Street, Teeling single pot still, probably some other Teelings, the new Dingle single pot still, and the 5-year-old Pearse. The Clonakilty whiskey, which is a sourced whiskey, is interesting simply because it’s been extra matured in their warehouse in my favourite part of West Cork. I’ve recently heard about a new Powers single cask whiskey. And for Whiskey Live there will be another, yet more interesting whiskey available – the Red Spot. I’m so glad it’s been relaunched! Ireland needs more single pot still whiskeys out there, it’s what makes Irish whiskey unique after all. 

So – what should I expect?

I don’t know what to expect from Whiskey Live since it’s my first whiskey event outside Sweden, but I hope it will be something extra. I’ve been to quite a few whisk(e)y fairs in Sweden, and have been rather disappointed many times. There are lots of competent people out there and I’ve met many of them – often at the smaller fairs actually.

At the latest whiskey event I visited, the only exhibitors that really gave me something extra were all Swedish distilleries – always enthusiastic, competent, and proud of their stuff –  Eldvatten (excellent Swedish bottling company), and Teeling. Teeling had a tiny stall and not so many whiskeys – definitely no special releases. BUT they showed interest and competence, and I met a distillery representative (not sure what role he has nowadays) and had a good chat with him about the upcoming single pot still release, and more. It was a good experience, and this is what I expect from a whiskey event.

At a larger whiskey event, I want to meet people who can give me information about the whiskeys displayed, recommendations, they should be able to say what makes their whiskey special. I expect to see the standard range from the brand BUT I also want to see the newest, coolest, most special products, and I want to be able to get information about them! I want to be surprised. Maybe my standards are too high?

I know that if I had the job to promote a whiskey brand at a big whiskey event, I would be super enthusiastic, learn all about the brand and the whiskeys I would promote, know the details, and bring the very best. Actually that would be a lovely job to do! 

All in all – I’m really looking forward to Whiskey Live. The whiskey events I’ve been to so far have actually been beer AND whiskey fairs, in which whiskey always has the smallest focus. A whiskey-only event is optimal of course. And with so many exciting things going on in the world of Irish whiskey, I do expect a fabulous weekend.