The Irishman, coffee stout cask

Last week’s Friday dram will be this week’s Friday dram. This is another bottle that I had the opportunity to taste at the Shelbourne bar some time ago. I don’t usually drink whiskey finished in stout/beer/ale/similar casks, because I’m coeliac, and even if the amount of gluten that could end up in the whiskey from the stout cask would be extremely small or maybe non-existent, there’s no way of knowing how safe it really is since nobody tests the finished whiskey for gluten. However, I’m thinking that a dram of 3-ish cl from a normal-sized barrel is probably ok, especially when I normally avoid this kind of whiskey.

The Irishman, coffee stout finish

This is a collaboration between the Royal Oak distillery and Dick Mack’s Brewhouse in Dingle. Single malt “The Irishman” whiskey, that has previously been matured in bourbon and sherry casks, has been finished in a cask that used to hold Coffee stout in Dingle. The whiskey has stayed in this cask for 9 months.

Coffee stout was a new concept to me – for the reason mentioned above, I don’t drink stout so I’m not particularly familiar with it. But I was told that the stout is infused with coffee beans to add flavour, and that certainly sounds interesting. I like creativity!

This was a single cask release – limited to 240 bottles that are now all gone. It was triple distilled, was bottled at 48% and sold by the Celtic whiskey shop.

The Irishman, coffee stout finish


Very peppery at the first nosing. Then dried fruits, something minty – almost like eucalyptus. Gives a feel of heavy oiliness.


Lighter on the palate than I expected. Very nice notes of chocolate and honey sweetness. Lots of pepper – I get a burning feeling on the tongue. A bit too light-bodied though.
With a few drops of water, it’s softer and nicer, and there’s more body. But the chocolatey notes disappear, which is a bit disappointing to me.

A very interesting whiskey, nice creative attempt. Not as exciting on my palate than I thought it would be, but I always enjoy tasting these unusual whiskeys.