Tag: Blended whiskeys

What kind of name is this? Well, it’s a nice travel exclusive from Midleton – a triple distilled and triple casked Jameson. My husband has been in Sweden during the week for work, and at 4 am or something in the morning on Tuesday, he came across the lovely ladies […]

As you may know, the new Roe & Co distillery opened in Dublin this summer, and a visit there is definitely on my to-do list the next time we go to Dublin, probably when we go there for Whiskey Live (which, by the way, has a VERY interesting lineup this […]

I had two post drafts waiting, but after I visited the Shelbourne bar yesterday I had to ditch them both (for now) and instead write about this nice release from the Blacks distillery in Kinsale. The Blacks Ops. Being resident in West Cork, I’m very happy to see the distillery […]

An extremely cold and dull day for being June, an hour to kill before taking the bus home from Cork city. What is there to do? Tasting whiskey at Shelbourne bar, of course! This is one I tasted at Whiskey Live last year. I wasn’t super impressed then, but was […]