Slane triple casked blended whiskey

The Slane whiskey has been around for a while now. I've had a drop of it a few times but haven't explored it any further than that so it’s about time that I do that!

Supervalu is selling it for a very low price at the moment, which really means low, considering that the normal price is €30. We bought a bottle of it this week, it's a nice addition to our Irish Whiskey collection.

Slane distillery was built a couple of years ago in the area that used to be the stables of Slane Castle, in County Meath. It has been running for some time now, with three pot stills from Scotland and three copper-coated column stills. As I understand it, they produce grain, malt and pot still spirit, all made from barley. The barley grows on their own land, surrounded by planted hedgerows - the way all farmlands should be, to promote insects and other wildlife.

A visit to this distillery has been on my to-do list for a long time. Now with the COVID-19 situation, there will probably be a good while before we can visit distilleries again. But at least this whiskey is now on my shelf, so let's start enjoying it.

Slane whiskey

The Slane whiskey we see in shops today is made from sourced whiskey from other distilleries. This whiskey has been very well renowned since its release, maybe especially because of the low price and for the good value for the price. It's a blended whiskey aged in three different casks; medium charred virgin oak casks, ex-bourbon casks, and oloroso sherry casks. It’s bottled at 40% ABV.


Hmm.. some lovely aromas there. Caramelised sugar, dried fruit, salted caramel, some undefined Christmas spice.


My palate sings..this is by far my favourite type of flavour profile. There's caramel, Christmas spices, a nice sweetness that coats the mouth, dried fruit, vanilla... it's quite light on the palate but the flavours are fantastic. Very nice.

I now wonder where this whiskey has been my entire life. Or more correctly, why didn't I appreciate this whiskey more the first times I tasted it?

I've had periods when my requirements of flavour in whiskey have been quite tough. I wanted everything to be big bodied, oily, preferably cask strength, and so on. My favourite whiskeys are still the stronger, more full-bodied expressions, but over time I've developed appreciation also for lighter whiskeys and more subtle flavours. I'd think that I, when I tasted the Slane for the first time, had quite high expectations. Now, I find this whiskey gorgeous.