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JJ Corry – The Flintlock

It’s more than about time that I feature Chapel Gate and JJ Corry on this blog. I wrote about The Gael at the beginning of 2018 and planned to write about our visit at Chapel Gate later, but since I never did, and since when we visited they were just starting out, a post about that now would be rather irrelevant. At least I want to congratulate them for all the success, very well deserved, and I’ll try to visit soon again when there’s an opportunity.

The Flintlock was released in November 2018, apparently named after a pistol that was found when the rack house at Chapel Gate was renovated.
This whiskey was very sought after when it was released and won the Irish whiskey awards that year for the best single malt 13 years and older. It’s a blend of three different single malts of the same age, 16 years. They’re from three different casks but sadly, now I don’t find information about the casks, it would be interesting to know what cask types have been used.
It was, as far as I know, a very limited release, so I was surprised but of course, delighted to find a bottle at the Celtic whiskey shop in Dublin when I was there about a year ago.

JJ Corry The Flintlock 16-year-old single malt

I love my Tuàth glasses, but for some reason, I lose some of the aromas on the nose when I use them, at least with some whiskeys. Does anyone else have this experience? Any advice is welcome!

This whiskey is bottled at 46% ABV, and comes in 500 ml bottles – I guess to be able to release more of them so the small size is a good thing, I suppose.


There’s an interesting mix of fruits – grapefruit, green apple and possibly pineapple with vanilla and pepper.


There is a dry peppery attack immediately followed by a sweet fruitiness – clementine, pineapple. Then there’s another spice attack, white pepper with some vanilla and honey.

My impression of the first whiskey from Chapel Gate – The Gael – was that it was very fruity and fresh, probably with more fruity flavours than I’ve experienced in other whiskeys (perhaps Green Spot would be an exception). Since Chapel Gate expresses that they pick certain casks specifically to create a particular flavour profile, I assume that this incredible fruitiness is what they’re after. The Flintlock has a similar profile as The Gael but with more complexity, more spiciness. It’s a very nice whiskey, now out of stock at the Celtic whiskey shop (online, at least) but seems to be available at Irish malts.

Happy Friday dramming, take care and have a fabulous first weekend of the year!

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