Irish drams revived

Hello, whiskey lovers! I’ve been away for a while... We have now – as you may have noticed if you follow me on Instagram – moved to Ireland. It’s not because of the whiskey, believe it or not! We lived here ten years ago but moved back to Sweden in 2009, for work-related reasons and more. But West Cork has always continued to be like home, even more so in recent years, and because of changed circumstances and many other things, we decided to come back to live here again. We’re now back in West Cork since about a month and are enjoying life.

Last summer I had planned to do a whiskey glass review and had lots of other nice post ideas, but preparing a house for sale, packing down 10 years of living, and preparing to move abroad, simply have eaten up all my time and energy. Now, however, my fingers are itching to write again, there are loads of interesting whiskeys to taste and interesting news in the Irish whiskey world. Ireland now has 23 working distilleries, and more to come. I haven’t been able to keep up with all the news out there but will do some reading and some catching up. I plan to visit more distilleries when I can, and I’m definitely looking forward to that.


These are some babes that I’ve purchased and tasted since coming over to Ireland. I’ve finally had a decent taste of the Red Spot, had a nice surprise that the West Cork Dha Casca wasn’t a one-time limited release, I’ve visited the Clonakilty distillery and bought a bottle of their new single grain from the cask, and I’m exploring the world of Irish gins. I plan to visit some distilleries, and I’m looking forward to writing here again.

Expect some decent posts here soon, and of course, have a fabulous St Patrick’s day wherever you are!