Egan's Fortitude

I came across the Egan’s Fortitude at Shelbourne bar last year when I was killing time on a cold day in Cork. It was a fascinating dram, quite different from what I’m used to.

I wrote about Egan’s in January, when I had the opportunity to try the Centenary release. For more information about the brand, see that post or Egan’s whiskey website. Let’s taste the whiskey! 

Egan's Fortitude

So, it’s a single malt matured exclusively in Pedro Ximénez sherry casks for an unknown number of years. It’s bottled at 46% and non-chill filtered. 

I expected it to be very strongly sherry influenced and nearly overpowered but that wasn’t my impression at all when I tasted it, which made me a bit confused. 
From what I’ve learned about PX sherry, it’s very sweet and gives very dark flavours with sweet dried fruits, toffee and molasses to name a few. Of course our palates and how we perceive flavours are different but I found it much lighter and perhaps fresher than that... still rich in flavour though.


I get a light hint of smoke, as well as a sweet fruitiness with leather, hazelnuts, almond, cinnamon or similar spice. There’s some sweet fruit in the background, like peach or apricot.


Rich with warm spice, lots of almond, toasted nuts and some chocolate. Some kind of odd bitter flavour. Vanilla cream, wood, something burnt - I guess it’s that subtle smoky character I found on the nose? There’s some caramel with the wood at the end with a lingering spicy finish.

This isn’t your typical heavily sherried whiskey! I found it a bit odd with all those nutty flavours, sometimes I really like it and sometimes not. It’s hard to agree with that bitter flavour but sometimes I donkt even notice it. The strong nutty flavours are quite pleasant though, just odd for a whiskey. It’s like, hmm, toasted amaretto, without the heavy sweetness (nothing bad about amaretto now, I love it).

Enjoy your weekend and take care of yourselves.