Dingle single pot still, batch 2

It’s Friday again, and last week I actually forgot to post. We just moved into our new house, and trying to make it habitable makes me forget everything else! I haven’t been around the Irish whiskey social media circles at all lately but decided I wanted to come back to posting as soon as possible, to not slack like I did last year. Browsing through my old tasting notes, I found my notes about the 2nd Dingle single pot still, that it seems I haven’t written about yet.

I wrote about the first Dingle single pot still release here, and I remember I found the first one more interesting than the first single malt releases, although I quite liked the single malts too. The single pot still had more complexity and interesting flavours, at least according to my palate in the spring of 2018.

This second single pot still from Dingle was released in late 2018, just before Whiskey Live Dublin, and I tasted it there. I liked it, but there was so much to taste there that I soon forgot about it. As most of you may know, the drops from Dingle sell out very quickly, so I didn’t expect to see it again really. But when we moved to West Cork in February and visited the Off Licence in Clonakilty, we discovered they still had two bottles. On St Patrick’s day, they were still there, and we decided to buy one.

Dingle single pot still batch 2

I found this bottling a bit more “decided” (balanced, perhaps?) than the first one, that had loads of different flavours that competed with each other.


Cereals, sweet mint, orange but also a bit of lemon, a more tropical fruit and some chocolate in the background.


Soft lemon, some orange, with some warm spice and nice creamy mouthfeel. It reminds me of the Spanish citrus liqueur. Light on the palate but it has a nice flavour profile.
With a drop of water the citrus becomes stronger especially on the nose. The flavours come together a bit more, and there’s a more peppery and longer finish.

It’s still very young but in my opinion it has lots of potential, and I expect another single pot still release this autumn.