I’m Susanne, the person behind Irish drams.

With this blog, I want to explore and promote Irish whiskey. I taste new and well-established whiskeys and during the spring and summer of 2020, I plan to visit some of the new distilleries.

I’m Swedish but moved to West Cork, Ireland, in early 2019. The Clonakilty area in West Cork is where I feel most at home and where I can experience the most quality of life.

While trying to find out what to do with the rest of my life, I work on going from intermediate to fluent in Italian, write blog posts, create photos and fiddle with websites.

Cork Distilleries pure pot stilll

I definitely don’t claim to be a whiskey expert but I’m definitely a whiskey enthusiast. I discovered the beauty of the golden liquid around 2012 in a Swedish whisky club where I became fascinated by the variety of flavours and characters that exist in whiskey and what a creative activity whiskey making is.

I wanted to learn more about it, and in 2017 I attended the two-day workshop at the Irish whiskey academy at Midleton distillery (highly recommended!). Eventually, I started writing this blog.

I’m aware of my inconsistency when it comes to the spelling of the word whiskey. I try to spell it with an e when I refer to Irish whiskey (unless it’s from Waterford where they want to spell it differently) and if I ever write about American whiskey, and without the e when I refer to Scotch, Swedish, Japanese, Canadian or other whiskeys that are written without the e. Sometimes the text becomes to hard to read if I have to refer to both in the same sentence, and then I usually write it with the e.