I’m Susanne, the person behind Irish drams.

I’m Swedish but moved to West Cork, Ireland, in early 2019. You may wonder why since Sweden is described as such a fabulous country. It sure is beautiful there in many areas, but for me, for various reasons, West Cork is where I feel most at home and have the most quality of life.

Cork Distilleries pure pot stilll

I have a great interest in and enthusiasm for whiskey. This interest began around 2012 in a Swedish whisky (yes, without the “e” because it was all about Scotch there) club where I had attended a few tastings; I was fascinated by the creativity in whisk(e)y making, how much variety there is in flavours and characters because of variations in distillation, location, ingredients, cask types and more. I wanted to learn more about it and absorbed all the knowledge I came across, mainly through tastings but also through blog posts and books. Eventually, I went to Ireland to attend the two-day workshop Irish whiskey academy at Midleton distillery (highly recommended!) and it was after that I started this blog.

I started the blog to promote Irish whiskey to the world because I thought it seemed so underestimated, but also because writing about it is a good way to learn about it.

I’m not a journalist, nor an expert of the industry, so if you’re looking for in-depth articles you probably won’t find them here, at least not for now. But you’ll find simple and honest reviews about whiskeys I come across, and I will also write about distilleries I visit or other whiskey companies I want to mention. It will probably also happen that I write down some reflections regarding whiskey.