About me

I'm Susanne, the person behind Irish drams. I'm a Swedish whiskey enthusiast, with a great interest in - and connections to - Ireland. Until around 2008-ish I had no interest in alcoholic drinks, but was introduced to the world of whiskey by my husband, and went on to be a full blown whiskey geek eventually.

Becoming a whiskey geek

My genuine interest for whiskey was triggered around 2012 after a few tastings in our local whisky club. The first tastings that caught my interest were with whiskies from Glenmorangie, Gordon & McPhail etc... I was fascinated by how much of a creative art form whiskey making is - so much variety in flavour and character can be created by using variations in the production and maturation methods. I started exploring different types of whiskeys and started learning more about how they are made, what casks have been used, and more.

Getting into Irish whiskey

Later it was about time that I started exploring the world of Irish whiskey. Ireland is my second home after all (and I'll make it my primary home eventually). My husband and myself hosted an Irish tasting in our club in September 2016, with whiskeys mostly from Midleton but also a peated Connemara. We then started learning more about the history of Irish whiskey, and later I started doing some research on the current status of Irish whiskey distilleries and brands, and what exactly is available out there.

In April 2017 I attended the Enthusiast package at Irish distiller's Irish whiskey academy in Midleton. It's a very good workshop that covers an introduction to their products and how they make their whiskey, about wood, cask types and more. It also includes som premium tastings as well as an introduction to blending (I absolutely LOVED that!).

About Irish drams

I loved doing whiskey tastings, and I have also over time found that I quite easily pick up characters from whiskey (although I obviously have lots to learn and develop). My idea of having some kind of tasting business with exclusively Irish whiskey was born - and I decided for the name Irish drams.

Since then, the plan has been altered, and for now it will mainly include this blog. Writing about Irish whiskey will be an excellent way to learn more about the industry and hopefully get in contact with people I can learn from. As for tastings, I will of course do them if I get a chance.

I don't claim to be a whiskey expert, but I have a huge passion for well made whiskey. I want to learn as much as I can about whiskey so I'm doing some reading online and in books, and of course by tasting different whiskeys.

On this blog I'll do reviews of different whiskeys, and will write about new distilleries, other interesting whiskey companies, and hopefully general news within the field of Irish whiskey.

*I know that I'm inconsistent with the spelling of whisk(e)y on this page. I wanted to make things simple since writing it as whisk(e)y gives people hiccups when they read it if  the word is mentioned many times. I will throughout this site try to use the spelling without e if I clearly speak about Scotch or Swedish whisky, otherwise simply whiskey.