WOTW – Powers 15-year-old single cask

We’re back at Midleton distillery, and Powers single pot still whiskey. When we were in Ireland in March, we went to the well renowned Shelbourne bar in Cork city. Nice surprise, they have hundreds of whiskeys, and all of them are Irish if I’m not mistaken.

We met a nice guy named Mark, and he was that perfect bar person for a whiskey enthusiast like myself. I checked the menu, picked one that sounded interesting, and then he would come with another one, similar to what I had picked, but a step or more up in quality. That was how I came across this Powers single cask.

What he had was the 16-year-old Powers that was released exclusively for the Celtic whiskey shop – a lovely single pot still with characters of oak, dry vanilla, chocolate, toffee and a bit of liquorice to name a few. Sadly this bottle is long gone.

But to my great delight, we received the good news that there were still a few bottles of something similar, a 15-year-old single cask Powers at the Supervalu nearby. Of course we went there. ething similar, a 15-year-old single cask Powers at the Supervalu nearby. Of course we went there.

I don’t have any facts about this whiskey, other that it is a Powers single pot still, most likely a Supervalu release, and matured for 15 years – so a step up from the fabulous John’s Lane release. It’s bottled at 46% ABV and is a really nice one – 15-year-olds are usually nice whiskeys in my opinion.

Oak, apple, raisins, something sweet that reminds of the Italian orange liqueur Aurum. Toffee.

It’s soft and smooth. Soft vanilla fudge, with spiciness and oak further back on the palate. Very nice finish with dark chocolate flavours. The aromas become sweeter with a drop of water but overall there is no point with adding any to this whiskey – it only loses some complexity.

Sadly these single casks releases are very limited, 200-something bottles, and very difficult to get your hands on, and the price goes up of course. But there sure is reason to wait for the next release.

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