Clonakilty distillery

West Cork is a lovely part of Ireland, and it is also my second home. We lived in Clonakilty 2008 to early 2009, and it’s a fantastic and lively little town. Some year ago I heard the news that a whiskey distillery was planned to open there – or, at that time, it was more on the level that they had the planning permission. I was delighted about this news, and have been searching now and then after that to get more news, but haven’t found anything.

Shortly before our trip to Ireland in August 2017, I suddenly found a Clonakilty distillery Facebook page, and contacted them there.
When we went over to Ireland, we had the privilege to meet two people from the distillery to learn more about their plans.

The distillery is now being built in a good central location, and the plans are to create a nice visitor centre with distillery tours, a gift shop, and a restaurant. They will be distilling, to my great delight, single pot still whiskey, and gin. They also plan to have a cask programme, opportunity to buy your own cask of their whiskey.In my opinion it’s about time that Irish distilleries start making pot still whiskey again. It is, after all, the one type of whiskey that is unique to Ireland, but for many years only one distillery have been producing it, at least as single pot still bottlings. Other distilleries use it for their blends, but I really miss seeing more distilleries do actual single pot still releases. It was a nice surprise when I heard that Dingle would release one, and I’ve recently read about other distillery plans too that include single pot still whiskey. There’s an interesting future ahead!

Clonakilty distillery is founded by Michael Scully, entrepreneur from a farming background. The barley they will use for their whiskey is grown out here at the fabulous Galley Head, and the whiskey will be matured in a newly built warehouse nearby, a lovely location for whiskey maturation.

Clonakilty is already a very vibrant town with lots of activities, interesting things to do and see, and they promote all things local. The distillery will be a good investment for the town that will bring in whiskey tourists as well. I can’t wait to see the distillery in action, and I definitely cant wait to get a bottle of their first whiskey. 

Their website is up and running, and so are their social media accounts. 
Visit here for more info: Clonakilty distillery.

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