Welcome to the Irish drams website!

I'm a Swedish whiskey enthusiast. My whisk(e)y interest began around 2012, after I joined my husband to attend a few tastings in our local whisky club. I had never been particularly interested in alcoholic drinks before but was fascinated by how much creativity there is in whiskey production, how many different characters can be created by the use of different cask types, different methods of distilling, the environment where it is produced, and much more. In my opinion, whiskey making is an art form, and I want to learn more about it.

Having Ireland as a second home of sorts, of course I started looking for good Irish whiskey, to discover more than. Over the years I've seen that Scottish whisky has become a very big "thing" in Sweden, but it seems that Irish whiskey hasn't quite made it yet.

Everything else Irish is very popular in Sweden, so why not the whiskey? With Irish drams I want to promote fine Irish whiskey over here, using social media to begin with, and I plan to eventually offer Irish whiskey tastings.

If you are a producer of Irish whiskey and want me to write about your product, feel free to contact me! (Just be aware that the main blog will be in Swedish)