I’m Susanne, whiskey enthusiast and founder of Irish drams. Since 2012 I have a growing interest in whisk(e)y, and since Ireland is like a second home to me, I started exploring the world of Irish whiskey. I found an industry that is bubbling with activity, expanding enormously, and with lots of interesting things going on.
I live in a country with a large interest in whisk(e)y, but many people see Irish whiskey as something of lower quality and there is generally very little knowledge about Irish whiskey. After having tasted some really fantastic Irish whiskeys, I decided that I wanted to promote Irish whiskey in some way, and eventually I started working on this site and this idea. I will start by writing about distilleries and other interesting Irish whiskey companies, Irish whiskey news, and will also share my own tasting experiences.

Please enjoy your Irish dram responsibly.